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5 phrases for birth partners to use during labour

Birth partners play such an important role for women not only in the delivery suite but also in the run up to labour and when things get started at home. They provide a unique role of making the labouring mum feel safe, protected and encouraged.

Birth partners can also see changes in their partners as labour progresses. They know when she’s feeling comfortable, when she’s in a state of deep concentration, when she’s feeling anxious or when her body is very tense. Often a perfectly timed phrase can be just the thing that she needs when she’s feeling herself wobble a bit.

But what kinds of things might she like to hear? Here’s 5 important phrases to have up your sleeve for the big day:

5 phrases for birth partners - AlphaBirth

  1. Helping her relax her forehead, jaw, shoulders and hands will help her release any tension she’s holding in her body as well her helping her pelvic floor to soften and open up.
  2. At the peak of labour, surges or contractions will last for approximately 60 to 90 seconds. You can do anything for a minute, right?
  3. Believe it or not, sometimes when we’re concentrating really hard on the sensations in our body we can forget to breathe. Comfortable, deep breathing helps to trigger the relaxation response, which in turn helps get all that good oxytocin flowing.
  4. As labour progresses, some women may find themselves getting anxious and wondering if they can do this. The good news is this is an excellent sign because it means that their labour is quite far along and it won’t be long until they meet their baby! Remind your partner that she is doing it and she’s amazing.
  5. There’s never a bad time to say “I love you”. Maybe that’s just the thing she needs to hear!


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